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1 Pawtographed City the Kitty book plus one 11 x 14 posters


MY HARDCOVER BOOK IS PAWTOGRAPHED BY ME, CITY THE KITTY, and signed by the author, Lori Shepler. Plus one City the Kitty, "Reading makes you taller AND smarter" 11 x 17 posters. A fun way to spread the awareness about our important cause to end declawing AND to inspire everyone to read a book!
Your purchase will help us continue to work on this cause to end declawing.

Description of the book. Over 100 stunning & unique photos of City the Kitty, compiled into a high-quality coffee table book accompanied by inspirational quotes.
The City the Kitty photo book is an 8 x 8 , hardcover, 80 pages on high quality paper.
It was printed in Minnesota by a small, independent, and environmentally friendly printing company, Bang Printing.
Here is the Kickstarter campaign with more info on the book https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/citythekitty/city-the-kitty-my-first-inspirational-photobook/description